Garrett (Epic Poem Based off Thief: The Dark Project) Prologue – V

    Prologue Amongst the shadows lies a heathen man. When midnight strikes his cunning stands alone. On jewels and gold for which you covet so, Garrett, the Betrayer, collects his prize. A master thief of which the Glyphs speak of, the one who left us and the Balanced way. I only speak in whispers these […]

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Picking up

It’s been a long time. Nearly a year now since my last entry abruptly ended and closely following, almost my life. I might catch up with it, if I feel like returning to the past. First I’m sure you would appreciate setting: at the moment, I’m hiding in the twinkling oil lamps of the Residential […]

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The setting is inspired by Looking Glass Studio's Thief video game series, though it is not the same. The City, a stone monolith nestled in the whispering hills of a temperate climate. Isolated, it's past and origin all stop at a dead end for even those who search for it. The magic number is 200 years past, and yet no one knows truly what lies beyond the walls in the forests to the west and south, the mountains to the north, nor the cursed bay to the east. The setting is like the melding of the medieval, classical, and victorian eras all into one. The City is on the rise of an industrial revolution, yet no one knows who is controlling the government, and gunpowder has yet to make its discovery.